The line scanner cameras employ single or multiple rows of pixel to capture images. The object is appealed in the whole lens field of view. For an area scanner camera, the resolution is determined by the pixel size and the camera resolving power. For line cameras, the resolution is in the vertical direction and depends on the clock rate and the web speed. The line scanner camera makes it easy to correct distortions and lens shades. Calibration data is only required only on one line and correction requires only one dimension. The line cameras require more light since the exposure time usually shorter. As such, line scanners lens require intense sources of light. They are used in various activities such as metal analysis, 3D imaging, food inspection and others.

When looking for MACHINE VISION LENS, there are things that you must bear in mind. Some of the desirable feature include large high sensitivity pixels and high scan rate. You can get line scanner cameras image sensors being in monochrome or multi-color configurations. A linear sensor with multiple pixels is used for the monochrome line scanners. To obtain image color from single line image, linear applied.

 There are different reason why you should choose the high resolution line scanner cameras. Larger pixel line scanners allow you to scan with less scene light. By taking as many photons as possible, it is able to take high quality images with any scene light. This allows you to invest less money in light solutions. Learn more about lens at http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2014/03/20/night-vision-contact-lenses_n_4992829.html.

 with larger resolution, you can obtain faster scan rates.  Such a feature is very important in an industrial setup where speed really matters. They also provide higher higher signal to noise ratios. Image noise can easily distort the image and should be avoided. High resolution line scanners with larger quanta, photon collection area, large capacity sweep, maximizes signals resulting in higher quality image.

You can even minimize the physical dimensions of the LINE SCAN CAMERA. You can easily move an object  to the lens without changing the field of view. It is less dependent on high light and can obtain quality images. When the object is moved closer to the field of view, less light is required.

It is to note that the line scanner camera has a higher preference when compared to its price. It is a great investment for your business.  Speaking to an expert can help you learn which is the best line scanner that is suitable for your business. Otherwise, you can compare the features of the line scanner cameras to those of the area scanner camera and see what fits your business needs well.


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